Bats in Va can and do enter human homes through a variety of areas only needing an opening of 3/8" to gain entrance. Like all mammals in VA, a percentage of bats will contract rabies and if a rabid bat is found it does not mean that the entire colony has rabies. Bats in VA are effected by rabies much differently then other mammals. Most rabid bats become lethargic, become paralyzed and then eventually die. Leaving them to die in your VA attic.

in VA Bats are excellent for the environment and eat a lot of insects. The problem with bats is when they are active, they urinate and defecate every 20 minutes. Multiply that by a hundreds or thousands of bats over time and it's easy to see how a bat colony can destroy your VA building.

Some of the things we do are:

  • Bat Removal and Bat Control in VA
  • Bat Guano Clean up in VA
  • Bats in Attic (removal)
  • Bat colony dispersal.
These bat droppings, also called Guano, can be harmful to humans because they enrich the soil and contribute to the growth of Histoplasmosis [his-toh-plaz-MOH-sis] fungus. Histoplasmosis is an infection that varies in symptoms and seriousness and usually affects the lungs. This disease can be contracted by inhaling the fungus spores.

Always consult with a VA professional before attempting to remove a bat, bird or any other droppings. ACS Wildlife Removal offers a permanent solution to bat invasion and many other nuisance animals so give us a call today.

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Bat Removal VA Bat control VA Bat Colony VABats in attic VA Bat in house VA bat colony dispalcement in Virginia bat and the enviroment bat loose in my VA house Story of the week about bats in VA: A virginia (VA) bat colony was found in the attic of a VA home, the health department of VA was called to invistigate the bat in the attic call. in the attic the entire colony was found and the attic, the house was empied and all of the bats were removed from the attic area. including two bats in the attic that carried the rabies disease. This happens all over VA and someone whom has bats should call a reptuable bat removal specialist in VA at once, Story can be found at Animal Control Solutions

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