Beavers were nearly extinct in North America by the late 1800s as a result of the demand for furs. Now that the fur trade has declined beavers are beginning to increase their numbers again. Historically, beaver have been found in every watershed in the country and as their numbers increase and they reclaim their former range, potential conflicts between people and beavers also continues to increase.

in VA The beaver is best known for its ability to construct sturdy dams, creating a pond which floods the surrounding area and allows them to feed in an aquatic environment. If the food supply decreases in or near a pond, beavers may relocate and build new ponds. In VA These ponds may range in size from less than one acre to over 100 acres.

Generally, beavers' in VA negative impacts affect man's land use practices. Their ponds flood timber, agricultural crops, lawns and roads. Their dams obstruct bridges, culverts and pond drains, causing erosion damage to these structures. When feeding, beavers fell trees and shrubs and damage agricultural crops. in VA beavers are the number 1 cause of property damage in all nusiance animals.

Few of the methods available to control damage will be effective if the beaver population is not managed by annual trapping. Trapping is the most effective and practical method for beaver control and management in VA. ACS Wildlife Removal of VA offers a permanent solution for beaver management and many other nuisance animals so give us a call today.

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