Raccoons will eat almost anything as they are voracious eaters and tend to return to the same location as long as food is available. Raccoons will store fat throughout the fall in preparation for winter. Raccoons are not true hibernators, but will sleep for extended periods of time in colder climate areas.

Raccoons are curious and usually never pass up an opportunity to investigate an interesting smell or small opening and will frequently set up their den in buildings, homes, attics, crawl spaces, etc...

Raccoons play host to a parasitic roundworm known as Baylisascaris Procyonis. Roundworm from raccoons is zoonotic, which means it can pass from animal to animal or human. It can cause a very rare disease called visceral larva migraines in humans. For your safety, never touch raccoon feces without using rubber gloves and other proper protection.

Please try to avoid direct confrontation. Raccoons are not normally aggressive animals but when feeling threatened or it is a female with babies, it is capable of defending itself and inflicting severe damage. ACS Wildlife Removal offers a permanent solution for raccoon removal and many other nuisance animals so give us a call today.

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