Snakes really don't cause damage (unless you're bitten), but they are an indicator that you have an opening somewhere in your basement wall or most commonly under the door that allowed them to enter your home. If found in the living areas of the house most likely they wandered in through an open door.

Snakes are ectothermic which means they rely on external sources to control their body temperature. Because snakes are ectothermic, they avoid temperature extremes and prefer to hunt in mild conditions. Most snakes prey predominantly on rodents, although some also eat bird eggs, nestlings, lizards, and insects. They in turn are prey for eagles, hawks, and humans.

Snakes need cool, damp shelters and may take residence under and possibly inside homes. This behavior may become more noticeable in the fall when snakes seek areas to hibernate for the winter. Nonvenomous snakes do not pose any major problems except for possibly frightening yuo and being a nuisance. Venomous snakes may cause a health hazard by biting people, pets and livestock so steps should be taken to exclude and remove them.

Unlike other species, snakes can be difficult to control. With mammals, trapping often provides an easy and effective method of control. Snakes however, often require a change the habitat around your home to prevent entry. While trapping can be effective to control snakes, it is not as effective as when trapping mammals. ACS Wildlife Removal offers a permanent solution for snake removal and many other nuisance animals so give us a call today.

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